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About us

Blue Case Logistics B.V. is a young and dynamic company, but one that already has the necessary experience and knowledge.

A large number of our all-round warehouse employees have more than 25 years of experience at our warehouse, where they have primarily gained know-how in dealing with companies which are regarded as some of the larger international wholesalers in Europe.

Our logistic center

Our logistics centre is equipped with the very latest technology, including a 24 metre high automated shuttle system, and a 14 metre semi high ceiling warehouse.
Our shuttle warehouse deals primarily with bulk consignments, while our semi high ceiling warehouse is specially fitted out for order picking.


Our company is established on the periphery of the municipality of Moerdijk, and is very conveniently located for the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp, meaning that we very quickly have access to containers that come from the ports of both Rotterdam and Antwerp.

In short

Blue Case Logistics can also arrange total logistics on your behalf. For example, we can make all the transport arrangements you require, and we can guarantee you 24 hour delivery in the Netherlands and Germany. In short you can rest assured that, if left to us, all logistical aspects are in safe hands, from arranging sea freight from any location in the world, to organising clearance and making the necessary transport arrangements, and to delivery a package to an end consumer around the corner.

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