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Our logistic center

Our logistics centre is equipped with the very latest technology, including a 24 metre high automated shuttle system, and a 14 metre semi high ceiling warehouse.
Our shuttle warehouse deals primarily with bulk consignments, while our semi high ceiling warehouse is specially fitted out for order picking.

The WMS package ensures that the goods can easily be traced inside our warehouse which has more than 16,500 pallet places.
We can store two types of pallets in our warehouse, namely
1200 x 800 mm euro pallets and 1200 x 1000 mm block pallets.

Our Warehouse Management system always provides real time overviews of all logistical processes. This increases our logistical performance, as well as the degree of service we can provide to our customers. The software is unique because of its considerable degree of flexibility. The information provided on incoming consignments, storage processes and outgoing consignments is recorded in our WMS system.

The WMS not only provides an overview, it also enables fork-lift truck drivers and logistics staff to carry out their tasks quickly, efficiently and accurately using RF bar code scanning.

Our WMS package is continually updated, and our customers have the option of viewing their own stocks via our renewed website. 

The fact that we have opted for a high ceiling warehouse means the routes within our warehouse are extremely short and that enables us to work very effectively. This is one of the reasons why we are able to offer our customers extremely competitive prices for their total warehouse package.

If required we can arrange the necessary VAL activities in our specially equipped rooms, such as repacking, the assembling of collections and the labelling of your products.

This department is manned by a number of permanent staff who are familiar with the wishes of our customers or, to put it more accurately, with the wishes of their customers.
We have at our disposal a label software package which enables us to develop a large number of labels ourselves. The package also has all kinds of bar codes currently used on the market. We can print these labels using our professional label printers.

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